The final result was world-class, and our client was ecstatic.

Kevin Harvey, Director of Engineering @ axialHealthcare

"We brought Paul in as the lead developer on a critical eCommerce application built with Laravel. He took the project all the way from our design to it's final deployment. He's an excellent communicator and perfectly managed our remote working relationship.

His technical leadership skills are exemplary: he made all the right calls while keeping me informed when necessary of the details in a programming language that I'm not familiar with. The final result was world-class, and our client was ecstatic."

Kevin Harvey
Director of Engineering

"Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust thanks Paul Carnevale, Jr. at Carnevale Design for his hard work, professionalism, knowledge and patience with us in upgrading our website.

Paul's redesign work has made our website so much easier to navigate, mobile-friendly and the graphics are beautiful and crisp."

Debbie Stanley
Executive Director
Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust

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